Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quiting Smoking

Ok so for those of you who follow The Wife's blog then you know that it is time to QUIT SMOKING.  Now I have tried many times to quit smoking and have never been able to follow through and quit.  So this time I am doing it for sure.  Well so last night I started having cravings for one and so what did I do, that's right I went took a shower grabbed the Wife's coupons and went to town.  I got all of them cut and mind you she had 14 newspapers with 4 inserts per newspaper.  I suck at math but there are a shit ton of coupons. I started cutting last night and still am not done.  Well I have them all cut and now just need to put them up.  Well that is all for now will let you know tomorrow any updates. Because I have to drive from here to Austin to get my Buddie from the airport and he smokes.  FML

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