Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another No Shit Story for you

Ok all here is another No Shit story for yall. This story takes place once again, in Korea.   So lets get this going ...  SO NO SHIT THERE I WAS...  hooking up with this LT.  Let me say in my defense she was not in my section but she was in my unit.  Well lets just make this long story short and say NO SHIT THERE I WAS BALLS DEEP IN THIS LT, IN AN APACHE NO LESS, AND MY PLATOON SERGEANT WALKS UP.  He looks right at us shakes his head and walks away.  Well thinking I had dodged a bullet we finish up.  I mean come on now you did not think that would stop me did you.  Well I get back to the office thinking I had gotten away with a big no no, but I ain't a lucky person.  Well I get a firm talking to and a high five but get told I have a no contact order for this Lt.
    I wish I could say that the story ended there but it didn't.  Well I ain't never been the brightest crayon in the box.  Well I end up at her apartment a couple weeks later.  And being the nice guy that I am I make her dinner and after a couple glasses of wine one thing leads to another.  Well I got her bent over her balcony railing just going to town and I look across the way and low and behold there is the Command Sergeant Major just looking at us.  Well we know each other pretty well so he recognizes me right away.  Well to make things worse he is an ordain minister and does not believe in sex before wedlock .  Well at this point I know I am fucked.  So to make a long story short NO SHIT THERE I WAS CAUGHT BALLS DEEP IN THIS LT. NOT ONCE BUT TWICE...


  1. AND?!?!?!

    I don't believe in assuming because we all know what happens. =)

  2. Now I totally get the inside joke you and Travis were talking about last night!

  3. I agree what the hell happened???

  4. I answered yalls question with the blog that followed this one