Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reponse to last No Shit Story

Ok guys here is what happened after my last No Shit Story which happens to be a No Shit Story in and of itself.  So after getting caught a second time the Lt. ended up getting moved to another unit on another base.  I wish I could have been so lucky.  I end up having to PAINT ROCKS with a water colors paintbrush. The rocks that I had to paint had to fill up a 10X10 area.  I was told the rocks had to painted one side white and one side red and had to be placed in a shield pattern half white half red.  So I get all done, after about a week, AND NO SHIT THERE I WAS, smoking a cigarette and this mother fucker walks up and says half the rocks are sunburned flip em over so the other side can get a tan.  AND NO SHIT THERE I WAS

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