Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sea World Trip

Ok so I was told that I had to do my rant from my recent trip to sea world.  So anyways let me just say that I still support SEA WORLD and their affiliation with Anheuser-Busch.  They do great things for the military and support us so I will support them.  But Holy Shit I cant even begin to describe how disgusted I was on this last trip to Sea World.  Let me just say that I went about 4 or 5 days after having back surgery due to a promise I had made to my daughter.  It all started when I got sent to the counter to go get the military tickets which where FREE for all of us, but anyways you have to go to a special counter to get them.  Well while I was waiting in line behind like 3 or 4 groups of people and every single one of them was speaking spanish to the people at the counter.  Now I am a firm believer that if you are going to be here learn to speak English.  Well another counter opened up and the group in front of us went to go to the counter and started speaking spanish to this poor girl working there, who you could tell did not speak a lick of their language.  So needless to say instead of doing what I would have and told them to FUCK OFF she had to go find someone who spoke THEIR language so now 2 counters are taken up by this people who won't learn to speak the language of the country they are living in.  BUT OH FUCK the primary language of the UNITED STATES is now SPANISH are you fucking kidding me.  But this is just the start of the day.  
Once we get into the park it is a whole other story.  SO for anyone who has been to a theme park know that they make announcements over the intercom  system in the park.  Well they make all the announcements in English (which I would expect) but they also do them in spanish WTF are you kidding me.  Well almost all announcements are in both English and spanish except for the "smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas" which is only in English.  So I asked my buddy if thats is cause it only applied to the white people in the park, at which point he laughed and said no maybe they just thought they could understand what the hell it was saying.  Well low a behold guess who was right.... just a pause for effect
I WAS that's right it only applied to the white folks there.  Now you ask this cant be right but it is.  How do I know, well lets just say I was standing around smoking FUCK the designated smoking area and this well I cant think of a better word so I am gonna call him a beaner walks up and asks me in ENGLISH for a smoke well not being racist and he did speak English when he asked me for a smoke I gave it to him.  Well a worker of this fine park walked straight up to me with this guy next to me and says sir you cant smoke here.  I say ok and start to walk away but this BEANER just keeps standing there smoking the worker just looks at him then walks away and does not say anything.  So this just pisses me off to no end so I go off on the worker and her excuses for not telling him was that she did not think he spoke English and sense she did not speak spanish it was just whatever.  Oh hell no fuck that.  I smoked where ever I wanted to the rest of the day and when they came up to me I said in English to the "Oh sorry I don't speak English so I guess I can do whatever."  So after the wife saying I needed to stop before I got kicked out of the park, Which if I kept up the way I was acting with how pissed I was plus medication raged rant and smart assness would have happened.  But she finally got pissed when we went to a kids show. When we got inside we had the baby in the stroller, which we put next to her grandma who was in a wheelchair out of the way.  Well there was this group of beaners also with their stroller next to them about 5 feet from us and the lady comes up to us and says we cant have the stroller there.  Well about this time we go off.  "Why the fuck are you telling us and not them over there?"  And she just keeps going on about how we cant have the stroller there. About this time the wife takes the baby out so that way he can see the show.  I look at the lady who is of latino decent and tell her I don't speak English at which point she looks at me and tells me in spanish to which I replied " No hablo español."   Now she is really confused and asks what i do speak  to which I replied "  Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" Which for those of you who dont know is "do you speak German," which is all I know how to say in German. At this point she gives up and gets on her little walkie and walks away. I am going fuck this chick just called to ask for help and is going to get me kicked out of the park well fuck that if I am going out of the park they are gonna get a piece of my mind. I am just so tired of all the FUCKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who think that we owe them something I say FUCK YOU go back to where the fuck you came from.  Now dont get me wrong I am all for doing it the right way and getting your papers but all these god damn BORDER JUMPING WETBACKS are really starting to piss me off.
When I cant walk through a crowd and saying excusse me and a grown man turns around and says that he dont speak english and his kid says sorry and he tell his kid that we dont speak english. It just makes me want to punch them in the face.  

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