Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Korea 2006

Ok so no shit there I was November 2006 in one of the coldest places I have ever been good ole' Korea.  So this nite was a special one seeing as it was the first snow of the year.  So for a bunch of drunk soldiers who have been cooking our asses off for the whole summer this was a welcome sight.  Well being the smart guys we are we all figure we will stay warm if we put a little more Crown and coke in our stomachs, we never said we were the brightest.  Well to get to the heart of the story my buddy we will call him Frenchy, decides while I am up making a drink to get in a snow ball fight.  SO you may ask what do you do when you are wearing a pair of jeans no jacket and you have a empty crown and coke cup.  Well you put it in your back pocket of course.  Now any other time this would be a great idea but when you are picking up snow off the ground with a cup in your back pocket it just turns into a bad day.  Mind you what happens next took place over the 10 mins I was upstairs making a drink.  Well needless to say Frenchy ripped the ass out of his pants but why just stop there.  I mean you are drunk the ass is out of your pants so what do you have all the other people out there with you rip the rest of your pant leg off.  Well to get to the no shit there i was part... Frenchy walks into the room, missing his entire right pant leg and delivers the greatest one liner of all time.  His response to the question of and i quote "Dude where the hell are your pants?"  his response to this in the straightest face ever, " There in my pocket" as he starts pulling sherds of pant leg out of his left pocket.  And NO SHIT THERE I WAS!!!

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